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New Lunenfeld logo in honour of our 25th anniversary

This year, we are truly proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our great Institute. It has been a quarter century of extraordinary, collaborative research efforts that have achieved global impact. Our 25th year provides an ideal time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and to what new, fantastic heights our future will take us.
To celebrate this pivotal year, various events and initiatives will be launched over the next several months, including a scientific symposium with presentations by Lunenfeld alumni, communications tactics to share our Institute’s successes with internal and external stakeholders and key media outlets, as well as events at which we will recognize the invaluable support of our donors, government and community partners.
I am pleased to unveil a new logo in honour of the anniversary, which you see here and will notice on various publications over the next several months. The logo was designed by our Communications and Marketing team to embody the spirit of pride and esteem with which we celebrate this milestone year. 

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