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July 7, 2010
This month, we are truly proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our great Institute. What a year, and quarter century, it has been! Since its founding in 1985 under the inaugural Directorship of Dr. Lou Siminovitch, the Lunenfeld has grown both in size and stature and is now considered one of the world’s leading centres in biomedical science.
Our 25th year provides an ideal time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and to what new, extraordinary heights our future will take us. In my opinion, the Lunenfeld’s relatively compact size continues to be a key strength enabling focused, collaborative research efforts that have achieved global impact at many levels.
These successes are effectively illustrated by comparing measures of competitiveness: In 2009 for example, our investigators authored over 26 per cent of the primary research papers published in the top 30 biomedical journals published by Toronto health scientists—even though these scientists represent less than 5 per cent of the total number of biomedical researchers in the city.
Put in a national context, this level of achievement exceeds that of most Canadian universities and all other Canadian biomedical research institutes. Indeed, on a per capita basis, Lunenfeld researchers rank within the very highest tier of achievement in the world, by publishing in the highest impact journals.
As you know, almost 90 per cent of the Lunenfeld’s funding is derived from competitive research granting agencies, and our scientists’ success in attracting this funding typically exceeds the national average. In the Spring CIHR operating grants competition, Lunenfeld researchers captured 4.4 per cent of the funds available and achieved a remarkable success rate of 39 per cent—double the national average!
It continues to be an honour and privilege to work to support the bright minds and dedicated scientists, technicians and laboratory staff of the Lunenfeld. Your impactful and inspiring scientific endeavours will lead the next quarter century of new ideas and medical discoveries that are advancing the health of Canadians.

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