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Mount Sinai Hospital
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(July 12, 2010 – Toronto, ON) The research teams of 10 scientists at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital were awarded new funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in the latest operating grants competition. The new funds will enable Lunenfeld scientists to continue their leading-edge research toward the development of new therapies for cancer, kidney disease, pre-term labour, neurodegenerative diseases and other illnesses.
Almost 90 per cent of the Lunenfeld’s funding is derived from competitive research granting agencies, and Lunenfeld scientists’ success in attracting this funding has exceeded the national performance in virtually every competition over the last decade. CIHR promotes scientific excellence in Canada through its funding of innovative research for better health and healthcare, and runs two competitions annually (spring and fall).
In the March 2010 CIHR operating grants competition, Lunenfeld researchers captured 4.4 per cent of the available funds, and achieved a remarkable success rate of 31 per cent—nearly double the national average.
“CIHR is the largest funder of health research in Canada, and competition for its funds is extremely vigorous,” noted Dr. Jim Woodgett, the Lunenfeld’s Director of Research. “Our investigators secured over $9.6 million in this single competition, which is the highest amount we’ve ever achieved and reflects the fantastic caliber of work being conducted here.”
Specifically, the new funds will support the teams of Drs. Ted Brown, Robert Casper, Joseph Culotti, Daniel Durocher, Anne-Claude Gingras, John Kingdom, Stephen Lye, Susan Quaggin, Frank Sicheri and Jeff Wrana, for their various research projects.
“The generosity of our donors is helping to support remarkable research. Donors’ trust in our ability to deliver excellence continues to be powerfully validated through success in these funding competitions,” said Dr. Woodgett. “We can never thank them enough!”

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