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October 1, 2010
Last month we celebrated the Lunenfeld’s 25th anniversary with a staff event and barbeque. At the event, I gave a brief presentation that included mention of various key groups that have supported our Institute since its inception.
The Lunenfeld is comprised of over 600 staff, growing each year as our Institute continues to build in excellence and leadership in biomedical research. 
Our scientists and trainees generate the leading-edge research for which we are recognized globally, but behind the scenes are the dedicated support staff that provide a critical foundation for our Institute and all our various endeavours. 
By way of a few examples, our Information Technology and Computer Services team responds to hundreds of requests weekly for IT support, without which our work could not proceed; thanks to the BioBar and Supply Centre (and Coordinator Terry Cater) the Institute has access to critical lab products and equipment, clean linen and lab coats;  the Grants Administration office and the Government Research team are integral in our quests to apply for research grants and they also process contracts or agreements from external agencies; our Finance team is critical in facilitating applications for research grants and/or fellowships, and processing agreements from external agencies, and; Human Resources assists with various requests, from facilitating the employee assistance program, to coordinating health benefits, to accessing community resources.
Our research endeavours are also reaching the marketplace, via the office of Technology Transfer and LiaisonFor example, this year our technology transfer group handled over 400 agreements covering research collaborations with industry, and generated over $0.5 million in revenue from licensing activities and overhead from industry-sponsored research.
Over the coming months the Lunenfeld’s communications team will be profiling these various groups with an in-depth look at what makes their team unique, and how they contribute to the Institute. Stay tuned for more! 

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