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(November 3, 2010—Toronto, ON) Dr. Tony Pawson, Distinguished Investigator at the Lunenfeld, Apotex Chair in Molecular Oncology and Kyoto Prize Laureate, has received the inaugural Honorary Medal from the Signal Transduction Society (STS), a Germany-based group devoted to scientific exchange between researchers concerned with cellular signal transduction.
The STS created the Honorary Medal to recognize outstanding cell biologists or biomedical and bioinformatics scientists who have made landmark contributions in the fields of basic and/or applied signal transduction research.
“We feel that many members of our Society have very much benefited from Dr. Pawson’s exciting research,” said Dr. Karlheinz Friedrich, President of the STS.
“Dr. Pawson has been a world-class player at the forefront of signal transduction research for over two decades now, and this honorary medal is more than well deserved,” said Dr. Stephan Fuller, an STS advisory board member and a Research Group Head at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford University. “The vote to honour him was completely unanimous.”
Dr. Pawson is world renowned for his research in cell signaling and transduction, and has revolutionized scientists’ understanding of the way our cells work in health and in disease. His discoveries contribute to many aspects of medical research and have relevance for the understanding and treatment of a range of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and disorders of the immune system. In the 25 years he has spent studying how cells grow and communicate with each other, he has become one of the top 25 cited scientists in his field.
“It is very exciting to receive the inaugural honorary medal from the Signal Transduction Society,” said Dr. Pawson. “Being the first is something we strive for as scientists. I believe this award underscores the remarkable work done by the students, postdoctoral students and technicians in my lab, and the high regard in which the Lunenfeld and Mount Sinai Hospital are held around the world.”
In particular, Dr. Pawson studies signal transduction—the way in which cells control their own and each other’s behaviour through chemical signals. His groundbreaking discoveries related to signal transduction have allowed for the development of new generations of drugs that halt the proliferation of particular kinds of cancer cells.
The Honorary Medal was presented to Dr. Pawson at the 14th annual conference of the STS in Weimar, Germany last month.

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