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Mount Sinai Hospital
Foundation of Toronto - Donate Now campaign
November 2010
Breast and ovarian cancer are among the most common cancers impacting Canadian women: one in nine is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and every year, approximately 2,500 Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
Our Institute is making tremendous progress in breast and ovarian cancer research, and this year we received new support from the Hospital’s Auxiliary, through their Chef’s Challenge that was held on November 20. 
Funds raised at this event will support the Lunenfeld as well as the Hospital’s Marvelle Koffler Breast Cancer Clinic, in the hope of discovering innovative approaches for better prevention, earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment of breast and ovarian cancers. 
For example, Dr. Ted Brown and his team are currently studying epithelial ovarian cancer and the pathways that contribute to cancer initiation and progression. Dr. Brown is also studying predisposing events for epithelial ovarian cancer, which may ultimately lead to preventative strategies as well as improved methods for earlier and more accurate diagnoses. His work has also illuminated the importance of the fallopian tube in the progression of ovarian cancer and the role of inflammation, which has the potential to change how surgery and therapies will be used in the future.
Others at the Institute are focused on research to understand the genetic mutations that underlie breast and ovarian cancer, as well as identify targets for early detection, understanding of the metastatic process, and developing new therapies. Ultimately, our breast and ovarian cancer researchers are helping to enable personalized medicine, so that physicians can provide more accurate and predictive diagnoses and treatments optimized for each individual’s specific type of cancer.
In addition to our Principal Investigators, several of our Institute’s trainees combined their talents and formed a team to help fundraise for this event, illustrating our collective commitment to support initiatives aimed at finding ways to beat women’s cancers. You may have purchased baked goods or candy-grams thanks to ‘Team Lunenfeld Cooks for a Cure,’ and I’d like to commend Andrew Seto, Michael Cook, Teresa MacLean and Stephanie Almeida on their efforts and enthusiasm in supporting the Chef’s Challenge. Another great example of how teamwork helps us achieve so much!

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