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Mount Sinai Hospital
Foundation of Toronto - Donate Now campaign
As the New Year begins we look forward to continued innovative and impactful discoveries and initiatives at our Institute. One of these new initiatives includes the Ontario Health Study (OHS).
As some of you may be aware from the provincial announcement launch a few months ago, the OHS is the largest population health study of its type ever attempted in Canada and is poised to become one of the largest in the world. Over time, the study will provide us with an unprecedented wealth of data that will help guide the development of new prevention, diagnoses, and treatment strategies for many chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer's and other common disorders.
The Hospital and the Institute are deeply committed to the success of the OHS, as we recognize its potential to identify new risk factors and interventions that will improve the lives of Mount Sinai’s patients and our population.
On that note, I’d like to welcome Dr. Lyle Palmer to the Lunenfeld: Lyle is the Executive Scientific Director of the OHS and joins us as a Senior Investigator. His research program is based within the Prosserman Centre for Health Research where our other scientists including Julia Knight and John McLaughlin have been directly contributing to the design of the study. In addition, our biorepository, led by Teresa Selander, has been selected as one of the sites for blood sample processing for the OHS as part of a new Ontario biospecimen research platform. We therefore have a very significant vested interest in the success of this ground-breaking study and will be building on this investment in our own translational research projects.
For it to achieve maximum research impact, participants should represent Ontario's geographic and ethnic diversity. This will ensure its findings can be used to benefit people throughout the province and the rest of the world.
You can take part in this initiative by taking a few minutes to complete an online questionnaire and agreeing to be contacted occasionally for follow-up questionnaires. By doing so, you can help Ontario make a major research contribution with international significance. Consider joining the OHS and encourage your family and friends to do likewise. It takes less than 20 minutes to sign up, and participation is entirely voluntary and strictly confidential.
To learn more, visit and help build the healthy communities of tomorrow!

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