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Spring will be upon us soon, and along with it a sense of new opportunities, change and renewal. Our Institute will also undergo exciting renewal this year, as several labs undergo expansion and/or renovations.
On the 8th floor, for example, we have taken advantage of the decanting of several research groups to the Orde Street building to renovate several laboratories and to create a dedicated microscopy centre to house the spinning disk, two photon and other confocal microscopes. These renovations have already begun, with occupancy expected in the next few months for the Cordes, Zhen and McNeill groups. Other renovations on this floor will include space for a communal imaging facility hosting a variety of high-end microscopes, specialized cell imagers and data analysis work-stations, as well as a new electrophysiology lab to study the electrical properties of cells and tissues. We’re also in the midst of planning additional renovation of this floor to bring it all up to spec.
Meanwhile, on the 9th floor, the robotics facility that many of us rely on for SMART screening will undergo a second phase of CFI-funded renovations to expand and enhance the already world-class instrumentation, with completion expected by late summer. This floor will also see major renovations to create a new flow cytometry facility, a re-organized wet/dry lab for Fritz Roth, and upgraded office and tissue culture facilities.
On the 10th floor, the old mass spectrometry room will be renovated to host high-end microscopes for the Systems Biology group. Once construction is complete, the Lunenfeld will be home to some of the world’s most advanced imaging technologies: microscopes with high-contrast imaging and the ability to view live cells in real time. It will also contain robotics and detection technologies to automate screening of samples with enhanced flexibility. Look out for updates as new equipment is installed as well as demonstration sessions so that we can all maximize the potential of the new infrastructure.
In addition to the renovations to labs at 600 University Avenue, we also look forward to occupying the 4th floor (mezzanine) level of the TCP/25 Orde Street facility. This will be the new home for the ES lab and the Grynpas group and support our regenerative medicine and bone/joint programs. The regenerative medicine and musculoskeletal research infrastructure is being funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Ministry of Research of Innovation and the Ontario Innovation Trust, and also received generous support from our donors.
The new spaces and renovated labs should get us closer to the goal of housing all of our renowned scientists in world-class facilities. So please bear with us with the noise and vibrations—it will all be worth it.

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