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March 11, 2011
The Lunenfeld’s Terry Donaghue, Director of Technology Transfer & Industry Liaison was awarded this year’s AUTM Canada Award, in recognition of his outstanding volunteer and leadership efforts within AUTM and the field of technology transfer. AUTM, the Association of University Technology Managers, is the primary international professional organization for technology transfer from academic research, with over 3,000 members from both the academic research community and industry. Terry is a former Vice-President, Canada for AUTM and a former Trustee for the organization. 
“I'm very appreciative and honoured to receive this award,” says Terry. “However my real reward for being engaged in AUTM and AUTM Canada is that I have met and worked with a great group of people from around the world in both industry and acadaemia. These colleagues are knowledgeable, generous with their knowledge, creative and thoughtful—real professionals in the best sense of the word.”
Building on a lifelong interest in science and its impact on society, Terry has over 20 years experience at Mount Sinai Hospital in the field of technology transfer, and has been with the Lunenfeld since its inception. His leadership of the Technology Transfer & Industry Liaison team involves identifying and protecting intellectual property related to Lunenfeld research, bringing discoveries to the marketplace through commercialization efforts, and negotiating legal contracts relating to licenses, material transfers, confidentiality, sponsored research and research collaborations.
“Terry has been exceptional in his role at the Lunenfeld to positively impact patients and society through the development of our many research discoveries,” says Dr. Jim Woodgett, Lunenfeld Director of Research. “It's a wonderful honour that recognizes Terry's lifetime achievement and dedication to fostering technology transfer for the betterment of everyone.”
“The AUTM Canada Award recognizes outstanding service to the Canadian Technology Transfer community," says Barb Eccles, AUTM's Vice President Canada and member of its Board of Trustees. “It was difficult picking just one award recipient from the plethora of dedicated Technology Transfer Professionals working in and for Canada. With his history of leadership and volunteerism, however, Terry was this year's top pick, as his professionalism, calm demeanour and enthusiasm have had an important and lasting impact on AUTM and the Canadian technology transfer scene."
Ms. Eccles added that Terry, now Chair of ACCT Canada, has attended at least 24 AUTM meetings and courses and volunteered in numerous capacities for AUTM including the Nominations and Awards Committee, the Canadian Basic Licensing Course Committee, an AUTM Canada Annual Meeting Committee, and Chair of Special Interest Groups and the Scholarship Task Force. As well, he has been an integral part of the AUTM Band, the Infringers.     

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