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Spring is finally here, bringing fresh starts (and dandelions), exciting opportunities and new additions to the Institute.

Many of our trainees, for example, will have a chance to mentor summer students, as we welcome a new cohort of young researchers-to-be eager to absorb the new knowledge generated daily at the Lunenfeld. Mentorship also extends to our youth outreach program, which is a shining example of the Lunenfeld’s commitment to initiatives that promote and support knowledge about science and health research in Canada—a program that is dependent on Lorien Newell as well as the many volunteers that work with SciHigh.

These initiatives are helping in our efforts to educate scientific principles, as the Lunenfeld is known for offering an exceptional research-based learning environment.

Research, as you know, is a process of continuous learning and we are launching some new initiatives to complement our seminar program and symposium. You likely know many of the postdocs in the Institute, but you likely haven’t had the chance to hear about their work. This will soon change with the advent of a new post-doc Seminar Series, tactically timed to coincide with Coffee Time every other Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. Some of our post-doctoral students will showcase their research through this new Seminar Series, and it begins on May 4th with a presentation from the Sicheri/Pawson lab. Please try to attend this and the following seminars, as they will be a great way to hear first hand about the amazing science being pursued at the Institute.

We’ll continue this spirit of shared learning at the Institute Retreat on May 16-17. Similar to last year, the two days promise a valuable and informative mix of poster sessions, presentations, discussion and—thanks to the spirit of the great outdoors surrounding Lake Couchiching—some time for rest and relaxation as well. Look for another learning initiative in the Fall when we initiate a series by the Pis. Effective communication and exchange of ideas are essential in promoting leading-edge research. I hope you will join me in taking advantage of these and other learning opportunities.




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