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Mount Sinai Hospital
Foundation of Toronto - Donate Now campaign

Since the Institute’s inception in 1985, the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation has contributed over $160 million in support of Lunenfeld research. This support is comprised by individual and/or ongoing gifts, as well as through programs such as Leadership Sinai and a recent initiative termed Venture Sinai.

Venture Sinai was started in 2009 by Jeff Rosenthal to support Lunenfeld research. Jeff wanted to encourage active participation of his friends and colleagues in research support by directly exposing them to the latest projects and ideas.

From an initial cohort of 17 friends that came together to form the first group, Jeff has gone on to promote four additional cohorts. To date, Venture Sinai has collectively committed over $1 million to research at the Lunenfeld.

Through activities such as Venture Sinai, our Foundation recognizes our donors’ commitment through celebrations and events, as well as with communications pieces, to steward and engage donors who make gifts in support of Mount Sinai Hospital and the Lunenfeld. Inviting donors to meet with our scientists enables them to directly hear and see the impact of their support, and thus engages them in the cause. Stewardship recognizes the value of a donor’s commitment, provides them with updates and also enables continued support.

For example, at a dinner held last month, the newly formed Venture Sinai Women 2 group met and chose to support the research of the Lunenfeld’s Dr. Crystal Chan—a researcher in the MSc Clinician Investigator Program who is supervised by Drs. Ted Brown and Ellen Greenblatt.

Crystal and many of our scientists are making advances and pioneering new discoveries that would not be possible without the ongoing generosity of our donors. Their ongoing support provides leverage to our grants, helps us to acquire innovative technologies, to modernize our facilities and to support our science. Initiatives such as Venture Sinai also remind us of the importance of communicating what we do and give us the chance to directly thank our donors for their generosity—as well as giving them a glimpse of what the future of medicine will hold.




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