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March 12, 2012
The scientists of tomorrow converged on Mount Sinai’s 18th floor foyer for the annual SciHigh science fair last Friday. Elementary students from across Toronto were eager to show off their scientific findings and interact with their peers.
SciHigh was developed in 1997 as a way to promote science to students across Toronto. The science fair gives students the opportunity to have their work reviewed by graduate students and post-doctoral Fellows at Lunenfeld.
Every year the students excitedly start prepping and plotting ideas for the science fair as early as October, and by the time SciHigh begins in March, they can’t wait to share their findings with the judges.
“It’s encouraging to see children so inquisitive at a young age,” says Sarah Chauvin, a Masters of Science Candidate in the department of physiology at U of T and SciHigh judge.
Tim McKinnon, a Lunenfeld post-doctoral Fellow agrees. McKinnon says SciHigh is a great vehicle to keep science-related matters at the forefront.
“It helps increase the scientific literacy in the community,” says McKinnon.
Students presented a variety of projects ranging from the affects caffeine has on blood pressure to the cause of accelerated tooth decay. The judges were impressed with the depth and knowledge on display as they walked around the room observing and asking questions about each project.
SciHigh judges weren’t the only ones making observations. Parents and teachers beamed with pride as they watched the students show off their findings with enthusiasm. Britt McKee, a teacher at Lawrence Heights, sees the value and reach of SciHigh first hand every day.
“SciHigh gives them an opportunity to take all their research and hard work into the real world. It’s fantastic.”

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