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On Thursday December 6, 2012, CBC’s The Nature of Things will feature Lunenfeld scientist Dr. Robert Casper in an episode about artificial light at night and its affect on night shift workers.
Dr. Casper has studied melatonin production in night shift workers and found that decreased levels of melatonin, which is shown to be an anti-cancer hormone, are connected to increased incidence of prostate, colon and breast cancers in shift workers.
In this episode, Dr. Casper discusses a special type of glasses that he has helped to develop, which counteracts disruptions in the sleep/wake cycle of night shift workers. In the episode’s Q&A with Dr. Casper, currently posted on The Nature of Things website, read more about how these glasses work and where they are available. To learn more about his research findings, check out the story posted on the Lunenfeld website’s ‘News and Media’ section.
On December 6 at 8 p.m., tune in to the full episode on CBC’s The Nature of Things.

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