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The LEGACY Girls Study is the largest initiative of its kind in Canada to look at whether the habits and development of young girls are related to breast health in older women. Lunenfeld scientists, including study lead Dr. Irene Andrulis,  have now finished recruiting nearly 200 girls in the Canadian arm of the study and are starting to analyze baseline data relating to factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, physical activity, and even levels of Vitamin D. They are working closely with their American colleagues in San Francisco’s Bay Area, New York, Philadelphia and Utah, all sites of the Breast Cancer Family Registry.

In this Citytv video a family currently enrolled in the study discuss their experience in this long-term research project, while Senior Lunenfeld Investigator Dr. Julia Knight provides insight into the new technology scientists are now using to track breast tissue development of these young girls, and what these factors can tell us about their potential risk for breast cancer later in life.

 Click here to read about the LEGACY study profiled in today’s Toronto Star, also featuring interviews with families enrolled in the study and an interview with Dr. Irene Andrulis.


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