Clinical Judgment:
Multidisciplinary Perspectives

HS106 Auditorium,
155 College Street,
Toronto, ON  M5T 1P8

Thursday June 22, 2017



Morning Session

9:00am — 9:10am Welcome and introduction by
Benjamin Chin-Yee and Jonathan Fuller
9:10am — 9:40am “Clinical Judgment: Surveying the Philosophical Landscape”
Ross Upshur (University of Toronto) with Benjamin Chin-Yee (University of Toronto)
9:40am — 10:10am “Rational Clinical Decision-Making: Implications for Overtreatment and Undertreatment”
Benjamin Djulbegovic (University of South Florida)
10:10am — 10:40am “Clinical Judgment: The Bayesian Approach”
Luis Flores (King’s College London) with Jonathan Fuller (University of Toronto)
10:40am — 11:00am Refreshments
11:00am — 11:30am “Clinical Judgment about Disclosure: Should Patients be Told their Comparative Risk?”
Peter Schwartz (Indiana University)
11:30pm — 12:30pm Panel – “Evidence, Risk, and Reasoning”
Commentary by Mark Tonelli (University of Washington)
Discussants: Mark Tonelli (moderator), Ross Upshur, Benjamin Djulbegovic, Peter Schwartz and Luis Flores


12:30pm — 1:30pm Lunch



Afternoon Session

1:30pm — 2:00pm “The Logic and Psychology of Psychotherapeutic Assessment”
Paul Thagard (University of Waterloo)
(coauthor: Laurette Larocque)
2:00pm — 2:30pm “The Role of Experience in Clinical Reasoning: A Psychological Perspective”
Geoff Norman (McMaster University)
2:30pm — 3:00pm “Adaptive Expertise: Perspectives and Application in Medical Education”
Maria Mylopoulos (University of Toronto)
3:00pm — 3:20pm Refreshments
3:20pm — 3:50pm “Knowledge Needed to Treat: Clinical Judgment in a Scientific Field”
Kathryn Montgomery (Northwestern University)
3:50pm — 4:50pm Panel – “Philosophy and Psychology of Clinical Judgment”
Commentary by Miriam Solomon (Temple University)
Discussants: Miriam Solomon (moderator), Paul Thagard, Maria Mylopoulos, Geoff Norman and Kathryn Montgomery
4:50pm — 5:00pm Closing remarks
Jonathan Fuller and Benjamin Chin-Yee