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The Office of Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison is committed to assisting Mount Sinai Hospital and its Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in achieving its mission of service to the Community through excellence in research, education and patient care. To this end, its mission is to develop effective interactions with the corporate sector and other research and health care institutions which enhance the research, clinical and educational programs of the Hospital, which promote the application of new information and technology to the promotion of wellness, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and which generate funds to support the goals of the Hospital.



Intellectual Property

The Office is responsible for identifying, evaluating and protecting intellectual property arising from laboratory based and clinical research programs. This involves filing patent applications where appropriate and taking action to protect confidential information.


One of the primary functions of the Office of Technology Transfer is to transfer technologies to the marketplace. This process involves either licensing technologies for use by other organizations, or the creation of spin-off companies.

Contract Negotiation

The Office staff are responsible for ensuring that the rights of Mount Sinai Hospital staff are protected in legal contracts relating to licenses, material transfers, confidentiality, intellectual property, sponsored research and research collaborations.