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Glimpsing the bright future of health research

July 19, 2016


On July 19th, the LTRI gathered in 60 Murray for the Summer Student Poster Seminar – the annual end to the 3-month long research program for undergraduate students.

This year, students presented their work on projects from induced pluripotent stem cells to rheumatoid arthritis to the roles of various molecules in social behaviour. The students gave members of the LTRI a snapshot of their work, discussing their preliminary findings and receiving feedback from researchers in other labs. For many, this was their first experience presenting their research in a professional environment.

“It was the perfect opportunity to gain experience in a non-critical atmosphere,” said Laura Sheriff, a current summer student. “I now have the knowledge and confidence necessary to be able to pursue further research opportunities…that I didn’t know as much about at the start of the summer.”

The purpose of the Summer Research Program is to give undergraduate students an introduction to laboratory research and project management. Running from May-July each year, selected students work closely with an assigned mentor, gaining insight into daily life at one of Canada’s top research institutes. Interested students can find more information at: 






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