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In memory of an ethical giant, Dr. Ron Heslegrave

June 30, 2020


Dr. Ron Heslegrave, who chaired the research ethics boards at LTRI / Sinai Health for 20 years, died on June 30th, 2020. Ron was instrumental in shepherding through countless clinical research studies and improving the quality, meaning and impact of research at Sinai Health. For many years Ron was also chair of the REB at Baycrest and established the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB).  He was key to changes in how research ethics assessment is performed in the Province of Ontario, in the formation of "boards of record" to expedite assessment and avoid redundancy and he positively influenced many innovations in research ethics and practice across Canada.

Ron most recent role was as Chief of Research at the William Osler Health System and, despite his many responsibilities, always made time for anyone who wanted advice. Many of you knew Ron and that his quiet demeanour and humility often placed him comfortably in the background. But his mark on clinical research has been profound and will be a tremendous legacy for many years.

Ron leaves his wife Jane and last year became a proud grandfather.

Jim Woodgett
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute





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