Investigators Accepting Summer Students 2017

 Investigators   Hiring    # of    Students   Accepting  Applications 
Dr. I. Andrulis Yes 1 No
Dr. B. Bapat

Dr. R. Bremner

Dr. L. Briollais Yes 1 Yes
Dr. T. Brown
Dr. S. Bull

Dr. I. Caniggia Yes 1 Yes
Dr. I. Cordes Yes 1 No
Dr. E. Diamandis No 0 No
Dr. D. Drucker No 0 No
Dr. D. Durocher Yes 1 No
Dr. G. Fantus Yes 1-2 No
Dr. S. Gallinger Yes 1 No
Dr. R. Gladdy No 0 No
Dr. M. Grynpas Yes 1 No
Dr. R. Hung
Dr. A. Jurisicova

Dr. J. Kingdom

Dr. J. Knight

Dr. A. Logan Yes 1 Yes
Dr. S. Lye Yes 2 No
Dr. C. McKerlie
Dr. H. McNeill Yes 1 No
Dr. A. Nagy Yes 2 No
Dr. K. Okamoto
Dr. L. Pelletier
Dr. R. Ralhan Yes 1 Yes
Dr. I. Rogers
Dr. F. Roth Yes 1-2 Yes
Dr. D. Schramek Yes 1-2 Yes
Dr. F. Sicheri

Dr. M. Silverberg  Yes 2 No
Dr. C. Swallow

Dr. J. Woodgett Yes 2 No
Dr. J. Wrana

Dr. M. Zhen Yes 1-2 Yes


For further information, please click on the researcher's name.

Please ensure that your PI of choice is accepting Summer Students for 2016 prior to completing your application. PIs who have a No under the Accepting Applications column will NOT be hiring new summer students as they have already made their selection(s). Please do not contact them.

This page will be updated on an on-going basis so please check again.

Last updated: February 16, 2017





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