Dr. Irene Andrulis – breast cancer
Dr. Bharati Bapat – cancer biology
Dr. Rod Bremner – cancer biology
Dr. Laurent Briollais – biostatistics
Dr. Theodore Brown – women’s and infants’ health
Dr. Shelley Bull – biostatistics
Dr. Kieran Campbell - machine learning in translational biomedicine

Dr. Isabella Caniggia – women’s and infants’ health
Dr. Graham Collingridge – synaptic plasticity
Dr. Sabine Cordes – neurobiology
Dr. James Dennis – cancer biology, MS
Dr. Daniel Durocher – cell biology
Dr. Steven Gallinger – colorectal, pancreatic cancer
Dr. Rebecca Gladdy – sarcoma
Dr. Marc Grynpas – osteoporosis
Dr. Rayjean Hung – population health, cancer 
Dr. Andrea Jurisicova – women’s and infants’ health
Dr. John Kingdom – women's and infants' health
Dr. Julia Knight – population health, breast cancer
Dr. Alexander Logan – hypertension, kidney disease

Dr. Zhong Cheng Luo - perinatal and paediatric epidemiology

Dr. Stephen Lye – women’s and infants’ health
Dr. Andras Nagy – stem cell biology
Dr. Michelle Nelson – stroke rehabilitation & complexity
Dr. Kenichi Okamoto – neurobiology
Dr. Laurence Pelletier – genetic disorders, cell biology
Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos – molecular genetics
Dr. Ravi Retnakaran – diabetes
Dr. Ian Rogers – women’s and infants’ health
Dr. Frederick Roth – systems biology, computational biology
Dr. Daniel Schramek – stem cell biology and breast cancer
Dr. Frank Sicheri – structural biology, cancer biology
Dr. Mark Silverberg – inflammatory bowel disease
Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray – health systems research
Dr. Carol Swallow – surgical oncology, cancer biology
Dr. Ross Upshur – global health & infectious disease
Dr. Jim Woodgett – signal transduction, neurodegeneration, cancer, mouse genetics, metastasis
Dr. Jeff Wrana – cancer biology
Dr. Mei Zhen – neurobiology


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