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 Nagy Lab 

Marina Gertsenstein, TCP Associate Director, Model Production Core

Marina Gertsenstein  

Marina Gertsenstein has been working in the mouse transgenic field since 1992. She is the Associate Director of the Transgenic Core at The Centre for Phenogenomics (TCP, formerly "Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics") part of TCP Model Production Core ( TCP (, is a centralized, state-of-the-art national research facility, owned and operated by The Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital. Under the guidance of Janet Rossant and Andras Nagy the Transgenic Core developed such innovative technologies as generation of chimeras by aggregation and Tetraploid Complementation Assay that allows generation of Embryonic Stem (ES) derived embryos and animals for the phenotype analysis without traditional breeding. Marina derived and characterized several mouse ES cell lines that continue to be used in multiple laboratories including international consortia. TCP Model Production Core provides the services to users from its member hospitals, across Canada and around the world. Since 2011 TCP Model Production Core is also an integral partner in the Genome Canada-funded NorCOMM2 ( and the NIH-funded KOMP2-DTCC production and phenotyping projects co-ordinated by the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (




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