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Investigator Hiring Summer Student Accepting Applications
Dr. Irene Andrulis Yes (1) Yes
Dr. Rod Bremner Yes (2) Yes
Dr. Graham Collingridge Yes (2) Yes
Dr. Daniel Durocher  Yes (1) No
Dr. Daniel Drucker Yes (1) No
Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras Yes (1) Yes
Dr. Rebecca Gladdy Yes (1) No
Dr. Hartland Jackson Yes Yes
Dr. Kenichi Okamoto Yes (1-2) Yes
Dr. Laurence Pelletier Yes (1) No
Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos Yes (1) Yes
Dr. Ian Rogers Yes (3) No
Dr. Frank Sicheri Yes (2) No
Dr. Mark Silverberg Yes (1) No
Dr. Jim Woodgett Yes (1) Yes
Dr. Mei Zhen Yes (1-2) Yes

For further information, please click on the Investigator's name.

If a PI is not accepting applications, they have already selected their summer student (returning student or previous course work).

Please note, PIs will have access to all applications after the deadline (Feb 28, 2023). At this time, they will be able to see all applications, even if they were not selected on your application form.

This page will be updated on an on-going basis, as we are notified by PIs on their summer student status.


Last updated: January 23, 2023




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