Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

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Research Centre for
Women's and Infants' Health

Core Facilities


Members of the Lunenfeld's RCWIH contribute to the operation of several core facilities that enhance and accelerate the research programs of the RCWIH's members:

  • Human Tissue Culture Core

  • Molecular Histopathology Core

  • Clinical Services Core, which facilitates collection of human samples for ethically-approved research studies

  • RCWIH Biobank which stores samples so they are available for ethically-approved research in the future.

Members also contribute to Cores based in other Centres at the Lunenfeld, including the Mouse Physiology Core (Dr. S. Lee Adamson) and the Embryonic Stem Cell, and Transgenic Cores (Drs. Robert Casper and Andras Nagy).



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