Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

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Research Centre for
Women's and Infants' Health


Research in the Lunenfeld's RCWIH addresses important questions in reproductive biology, pregnancy, birth, and postnatal health in women and infants. Synergy across disciplines from conception to adulthood is important because prenatal and postnatal health are not independent. The health of the mother before and during pregnancy is critical for a successful pregnancy, and a healthy baby has a reduced likelihood of developing adult diseases including diabetes and heart disease later in life. Research into the causes, preventions, and cures for ovarian cancer and osteoporosis are also critically important women’s health issues and important areas of research in the RCWIH.

Research in the Lunenfeld's RCWIH has advanced our understanding of physiology and pathology in a myriad of ways resulting in hundreds of publications, and this research is resulting in dramatic advances in clinical care for women and infants. Current developments include progress towards a blood test for imminent delivery in women that present with threatened preterm labor, a blood test to detect women at high risk for endometriosis, and a mid-pregnancy multi-parameter placental function test that detects over 80% of women destined to develop obstetrical complications. The RCWIH's many successes highlight how combining our effort to achieve the best research ultimately leads to the best clinical care.