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S. Lee Adamson's Lab
Using Mice as Models for Studying Developmental Physiology and Human Diseases

Dr. S. Lee Adamson


Centre For Modeling Human Disease Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics CIHR Heart and Stroke Foundation Mount Sinai Hospital University of Toronto



Dr. S. Lee Adamson is a Senior Investigator at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. She is the Director of the Lunenfeld’s Mouse Physiology Core of the Centre for Modeling Human Disease, and the BioBank of the Research Centre for Women's and Infants Health.

Research in Dr. Adamson’s lab focuses on the important role of the placenta in controlling fetal growth and development, and controlling the function of the cardiovascular system of the mother during pregnancy.

Placental failure results in fetal intrauterine growth restriction, which puts babies at high risk of dying before birth, or of being delivered prematurely into intensive care. Growth restriction before birth also impacts on lifelong health by increasing the risk of serious adult diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Placental failure can also lead to preeclampsia, a life-threatening maternal disorder of pregnancy.

Currently, preeclamptic complications are avoided by preterm delivery but this places the baby at risk. Dr. Adamson’s research will advance our understanding of these devastating complications that affect ten percent of all pregnancies.

Dr. Adamson is a member of international professional associations including the Society for Gynecologic Investigation, the Perinatal Research Society and the International Federation of Placental Associations, and acts as a reviewer for many academic journals including the American Journal of Physiology.



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