Dr. James Woodgett Lab

We are studying the molecular mechanisms by which the Wnt and PI3K pathways are dysregulated in human cancers such as breast, colon, liver and brain cancers. Our laboratory is also studying the roles of signaling pathways in type-2 diabetes and stem cell fate determination and has a long-standing interest in genomics applications such as RNA-Seq, DNA microarrays, siRNA screens and protein arrays.

We are interested in the causes and treatments of various cancers such as lymphomas and colorectal cancer. Cancer metastasis and circulating tumor cells in medullablastoma, liver cancers, and breast cancer are also a primary interest in our lab. We have generated several models to study diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer Disease and bipolar disorder. These broad range of diseases are linked by their common basis in disruption of the lines of communication within the cells, or the signalling pathways. By studying the ways in which components of these pathways are mutated and transformed by disease, we can identify new and more effective therapeutic targets. Study of the WNT pathway, which contains a number of genes accounting for about 90% of human colon cancer, is a particular area of interest. In addition, we are studying the roles of GSK-3 in cell fate and cell cycle and the roles of JNK/SAPK pathway in the etiology of Alzheimers disease.

Advancements made by our team in adult stem cell division pave the way for scientists to harvest large quantities of these specialized cells which hold great promise for the treatment and cure of life-threatening illnesses.




Dr. James Woodgett

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