Lab Members


Brad Doble - GSK-3 knockouts and more....

Monty Gill - interference of signalling through RNAi and microarray analysis

Eric Ho - SAPK and p38 MAPK isoform selectivity and specificity

Katrina MacAulay - Differential expression and functions of GSK-3

Ioana Miron - functions of GSK-3 in the cell cycle and apoptosis

Satish Patel - Conditional knockouts of GSK-3 and its role in insulin signaling and diabetes

Michael Parsons - FACS analysis and T cell biology

Liz Rubie - Roles of SAPKs in mammalian cells, Wnt and PI3K signaling specification

Sima Salahshor - Gene expression in colon cancer

Maude Tessier - SGK biology

Tanya Hansotia - More SGK biology

Qing Xu - taking care of our precious models



Adnan Ali (research interests) - Health Canada, Ottawa
Jane Batt - now has a lab at MSB, U. Toronto
Michele Bianchi
Angela Carter - in Vancouver and a very proud Mum!
Joanne Chan - setting up her own lab Boston
Paul Coffer Professor at the University of Utrecht
Tian Dai
Jason Goncalves - making waves at Stratagene/Iobion
Howie Gutstein driving fast cars in Houston
Klaus Hoeflich Now working at Genentech
Ken Hughes - Microbix, Toronto
Jing Jin - PDF at the SLRI, Toronto (Tony Pawsons group)
Lisa Kockeritz
Chao Lu - microarray core manager, HSC
Eleni Nikolakaki
Simon Plyte - making megabucks in Italy with Phizer
Bernd Pulverer. Bernd's "wedding pictures". Bernd is an editor at Nature, London. Donations appreciated.
Vuk Stambolic Assistant Professor, Ontario Cancer Institute
Laurent Ruel Sunning himself in the Cote d'Azur
Michael Scheid - Assistant professor at York University
Mark Takahashi Muscling in on microarrays at the CGC (research interests)
Lee Anne Tibbles Lee Anne: Assistant professor, University of Calgary.
Lesley Ward
Steven Yarwood :faculty member at the University of Glasgow.

Not forgetting:

Ann Moeller, Grace Chan, Denise Tam, Milena Christoff, Linda Sujo, Janet Mapa, Elise Sawatsky, Adrianna Pirko