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 Biospecimen Repository and Processing Lab 


I truly consider it a privilege to have been able to work with you and your team. Thank you for your continued commitment to the Study and in assisting the OHS with meeting its objectives. I have had the opportunity, on numerous occasions, to speak to the exceptional level of service you provide to the Study. It’s evident that your team is not only knowledgeable in biobanking best practices but also committed to following these practices to ensure quality.”

-Sally Stasi-Project Lead, Clinical Operations, Ontario Health Study


"The BSR is second to none with respect to quality of service."

-Gord Glendon, Research Project Director, OCGN


"We are very pleased with the services provided by Teresa and her staff. It is incredibly useful to consult with Teresa about the most appropriate and cost-efficient ways to approach every project. Her staff provide outstanding service and inform us of the progress every step of the way."



Quality of DNA from FFPE tissue was excellent for our assays.  Exceptional service.”

-Dr. Dan Buchanan, University of Melbourne


The quality of the biospecimen have always been excellent. Project requests are always processed quickly.  Staff always responds quickly to OPCS queries.  Costs are reasonable and any changes to budget are clearly communicated to OPCS staff.  Projects are well organized.  In the 15 years I have worked with the BSR, I have never had an issue arise.”

-A. Borgida, Clinical Research Manager, Ontario Pancreas Cancer Study


We are very happy with the services provided by the BSR, staff is always friendly and project requests are completed in a timely manner.

-Sally Burtenshaw MSc. , Manager, Sarcoma Program


Staff is fantastic and services top notch.”

-Danielle Hanna, Genetic Counsellor LEGACY, OFBCR










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