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 Nagy Lab 

Lily Guo, Research Associate



I joined Nagy Lab in 2018 as a post-doctoral fellow.  My research interests focus on aging as the main risk factor for major chronic diseases and most forms of cancer. The successful regeneration of aged tissue not only requires suitable therapeutic cell source to repair damage, but also the restoration of youthfulness to the age-deteriorated cells/niche/ECM to re-establish homeostasis and tissue function. Therefore, built on the foundation of established safe-cell system, we designed and generated an ideal therapeutic cell source to treat age-related diseases. These “designer cells” with controlled proliferation, can integrate and functionally contribute to the tissue repair, and at the same time, serve as a cell “pump” bestowed drug-regulatable production of the desired effective dose of anti-aging molecule to rejuvenate local age-deteriorated tissues.  This approach will provide a promising avenue for cell-based therapy where age-related disease is prevalent and is broadly applicable as a novel tool for drug screening, better understating the underlying mechanisms of pathological development of age-related diseases, and eventually the rescue of aging phenotype.





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