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 Nagy Lab 

Katie Lye, Graduate Student


Hello world! I joined the Nagy lab as a graduate student in the Institute of Medical Science at UofT in the fall of 2017. My interest in stem cell engineering and regenerative medicine began much earlier as I worked towards my Bachelor of Medical Science degree at Western University. I was introduced to this exciting and progressive field of research during a summer studentship in the Nagy lab in 2014, and it motivated me to focus my electives on any and all stem cell related courses offered in my program. Though my heart was set on pursuing a career in stem cell research, I decided to use the following summers to broaden my research experience through studentships involving extracellular vesicle-based therapy and discovering indicators for IVF success. Now, my story comes full circle to my PhD project in the Nagy lab which aims to develop cell fusion as an in vitro stem cell manipulation technique for engineering designer cells with enhanced therapeutic efficacy and safety. The nature of my project is creative and challenging, which also reflects my personality. When I’m not in the lab, I steer clear of protocols by cooking the foods that I love eating. I enjoy staying active by biking to the lab and playing in a Toronto recreational soccer league.






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