High-Throughput Imaging Facility at Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Leica Confocal

Our workhorse upright confocal microscope is equipped with visible wavelength laser sources as well as a 2-photon fs laser (SpectraPhysics Tsunami, ~700-950 nm) for improved thick tissue imaging or activation of UV dyes; external non-descanned detectors can be used to collect a greater emission signal. System application modules include FRET, FRAP, spectral un-mixing. A prism-based detection system allows the user to select exact emission wavelengths, as well as to construct a spectrum-wide emission curve of fluorescence. System is equipped with an assortment of oil, immersion, water, and dry lenses.

Location 865 (centre)
System Type 2P-confocal laser scanner (galvo-scanner/PMT)
Model Leica SP2/Tsunami
Microscope Leica DMLFSA upright
Lenses Dry 4, 20/0.5, Water 20/40. Imm 20/0.7, Oil 40, 63, 100
Vibration isolation Yes
Stage Motorized xy, Magnetic clips, Non-integrated
Z-focus Nosepiece
Illumination a) Hg lamp ebq100
b) 488nm Kr/Ar laser (+458/476/514)
c) 543, 633 diode lasers
d) 2-photon, 700-1000nm
Filtering a) Prism, user controlled wavelength selection
b) 2 viewing cubes
Detector a) 3-channel PMT
b) 1-transmitted light detector
c) 2-channel NDD (non-descanned detector)
Pinhole Variable pinhole
Software LCS / Xp
Offline analysis LCS license
Other features FRET, FRAP, spectral un-mixing